About us

There is no age for learning. We here in Trainer Genie follow the same rule and help you give the best trainer in the field you need to become skilled. You are sitting anywhere across the globe we meet your search requirements of a perfect trainer who not only raises your ranks but also makes you learn the application of the subject well. We make you stand ahead of others in this competitive world to get noticed for gaining more.

Our vision

We believe in imparting the correct knowledge to improvise the skills and concepts of the subject which helps in getting ample of opportunities in getting the higher position in company. We work on your performance chart to give out positive and profitable results.


Our Professional Team

We have searched the passionate teachers across the globe for you who have zeal to teach and make the concepts easy to understand. Our network has trainers are well qualified and experienced in their own subjects to offer the best in their fields. Our professional team has skilled 9999 corporate trainees up till now and have given them the confidence of delivering well. A good trainer not only makes you skilled in communication and the handling of events but also make you learn the key to be well recognised by your company head. They make the subject appear so interesting that it leads you to higher positions in your company.

What does Trainer World Offers?

You need skill enhancement in any of the subject; you will find the best mentoring at Trainer Genie. The wide range of courses includes programming courses, cinema production, business management, social media management, graphic web design and many more. The total courses we offer are 99 including 999 subjects. To cater you the best we have 370 trainers available for you. We emphasize on the application of the principles or the programmes which offer you skills, knowledge and practices to add value in your work. Our basic pricing and the plans are all available at the site for you to go through. We offer group training facilities in the MNC’s for any corporate sector.

We make the Search Easy for You

We make your search of getting a good trainer for the subject you require easy and quick. In our search portal you can search the trainer in your area/ city. After getting the trainers, you can contact them. We do not charge you for contacting them. After you find the trainer to be the one whose teaching styles can enhance your learning skills, you pay for the trainer. You can check the availability of dates and slots of the trainer in your area before contacting them. If there is any help or query you have, we have the help centre who will clarify all your queries at the earliest.

For the companies to conduct the session for trainees for enhancing the skills in your employees, hit on the search button and get your trainer today around your area.